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AXA SA share price

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AXA SA live chart

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Here at FxPro, we’re delighted to offer our clients the opportunity to invest in AXA SA, through our CFDs Product. This is a French insurance and investment group of companies.

According to the official open sources, the company’s history began in 1817. Headquarters is located in Paris, France.

The main line of activity is insurance with out of €100 billion in revenue and € 94.4 billion accounted by the premium clients. Net annual investment income is used to be amounted about €23.7 billion.

The AXA SA activities are divided into four main areas: • Life & Savings. The main regions are Western Europe, the USA, and the Asia-Pacific region. • Property & Casualty. Car insurance, real estate, and liability insurance, with medical insurance in some countries. The bulk of the department’s revenue comes from Western Europe. • Asset Management. Mainly consists of two investment companies, AXA Investment Managers and Alliance Bernstein. • Banking. Services are provided in France, Belgium, and Germany. The home market accounts for 21% of the turnover, Western and Central Europe – 35%, the USA – 14%, Asia – 17%.

Intermediaries, such as independent financial advisers, play a significant role in the distribution of insurance and investment products; on average, they account for about half of sales.

In June 2006, AXA SA has bought the largest Swiss insurance company Winterthur Group from Credit Suisse for about €9 billion.

Today this brand is listed on the Euronext and its name is firmly established in our life.

AXA SA stock price is subject to the observations of many traders in the world. At the beginning of 2019, it was 18,7 EUR.

Among the reasons to keep a close eye to the CFDs on AXA SA securities is the strong volatility that can be observed during the day-to-day trading sessions.

On this page, you can take a look at the AXA SA share price chart to make your own responsible decision to buy or to sell it on the FxPro trading platforms. In order to trade shares successfully, be sure to follow corporate reports and actual data that are regularly published on the major news portals.

Also, keep a close eye to the Dividend calendar at the FxPro official website. According to it, сlients, holding “Buy” positions on the ex-div date will receive a dividend in the form of a cash adjustment (deposit). Clients, holding “Sell” positions on the ex-div date will be charged the dividend amount in the form of a cash adjustment (withdrawal).

To start trading stocks online, open your FxPro Direct account by clicking the “Register” button at the top of this page. Several convenient top-up methods with 0% commissions are available.

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