Wheat futures

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Wheat futures chart

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Here at FxPro, we’re delighted to offer our clients the opportunity to trade CFDs on Wheat Futures. In the USA, wheat is measured in bushels (1 bushel = 35.2 liters). A minimum trading lot (volume of one contract) of wheat in Chicago is 5000 bushels or 136 tons. This type of product is quoted in US currency (which is quite logical, since it is traded in the US). Futures for wheat in Chicago is traded through the electronic platform GLOBEX. Contracts are exported every month, i.e., mechanical relocation must be carried out 12 times a year. Please note that the delivery date is periodically shifted. Actually, futures is a standardized forward contract to buy or sell an asset at a predetermined price at a specified time, known as an expiration date. If you want to diversify your trader’s portfolio invested in non-correlated asset class, take a closer look at the price fluctuations of the Wheat Futures.

On this page, you can take a look at the live chart to make your own responsible decision to buy or to sell this Contract for Difference (CFD) through the FxPro trading platforms. To start trading, open your FxPro Direct account by clicking the “Register” button at the top of this page. Several convenient top-up methods with 0% commissions are available.

Obchodní podmínky

Okamžité vykonání
Okamžité vykonání
Tržní vykonání
MT4Plovoucí spready
Minimum: 1.16Průměr: 1.47
Minimální cenová fluktuace0.25
velikost jedné dávky5,000 Bushels
1 tick hodnota12.5 USD
Minimální velikost kontraktu0.01 lot
Minimální krok pro zvýšení velikosti kontraktu0.01 lot
Použitá marže na 1 dávku **2.00%
Požadavky na marži k otevření a uzamčení pozice*0
Limitní a stop úroveň1.00

Wheat Futures Calendar

MonthTickerStart TradingTrading only for closing positionsExpiration date
March 2020#Wheat_H2027/11/201926/02/202028/02/2020
May 2020#Wheat_K2026/02/202028/04/202030/04/2020
July 2020#Wheat_N2028/04/202026/06/202030/06/2020
September 2020#Wheat_U2026/06/202027/08/202031/08/2020
December 2020#Wheat_Z2027/08/202025/11/202030/11/2020
March 2021#Wheat_H2125/11/202024/02/202126/02/2021
May 2021#Wheat_K2124/02/202128/04/202130/04/2021
July 2021#Wheat_N2128/04/202128/06/202130/06/2021
September 2021#Wheat_U2128/06/202127/08/202131/08/2021
December 2021#Wheat_Z2127/08/202124/11/202130/11/2021
Obchodní čas (britský čas) Monday - Friday: 01:00 AM - 07:20 PM
Closes daily between (01:45 PM - 02:30 PM & 07:20 PM - 01:00 AM UK Time)
Closing Time of a Contract At Expiration Date:07:20 PM UK Time

* Jen pokud je úroveň marže > 100%

** Marže platí pro objemy do 50 dávek. Informace o větších objemech naleznete v části Information o páce pro futures