Investujte zodpovědně. Investujte zodpovědně.Investujte zodpovědně.CFD jsou složité nástroje a obnáší vysoké riziko ztráty vašich peněz z důvodu pákového efektu. 74.02% retailových investorských účtů ztrácí peníze při obchodování s CFD s tímto poskytovatelem. Měli byste zvážit, zda rozumíte, jak fungují CFD a zda si můžete dovolit vysokou míru rizika ztráty vašich peněz.CFD a sázky na spready jsou složité instrumenty a je s nimi spojeno velké riziko rychlé ztráty peněz díky finanční páce. 77.37% malých investorů ztrácí peníze, když obchodují s CFD a sázkami na spready s tímto poskytovatelem . Měli byste zvážit, zda rozumíte jak CFD a sázky na spready fungují a zda si můžete dovolit riziko ztráty vašich peněz.
Investujte zodpovědně: Obchodování CFD zahrnuje značná rizika.

FxPro introduces the brand new ‘FxPro Direct’ app, improving a trader’s personal account experience.

LONDON, March 30, 2019 - FxPro, a brokerage company that’s voted to be the “Best Broker 2018” by Financial Times and Investors Chronicles awards, has released their new FxPro Direct App onto the market.

This is the next level of mobile Personal Account management for traders. Recognizing the growing trend for minimalistic and multifunctional mobile features, FxPro conducted an in-depth analysis of the modern traders’ needs. This research then resulted in a simplified registration process and provided only those supplementary functions that are necessary for convenient and efficient account management.

Professional trading in just a few taps

New trading accounts can be created at any time by simply choosing one of the three available trading platforms (MT4, MT5 or cTrader) and picking the leverage and account currency (AUD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, PLN, USD or ZAR). For all the newcomers, FxPro provides instructions on “How to install” the app, as well as direct links for downloading trading platforms.

Thus, every client can open several trading accounts in different currencies, on different platforms and easily transfer funds between them.

High-level security

The main concern of active traders is still the safety of mobile financial operations. FxPro has solved this problem, once again confirming its title of the “Most reliable broker” (International Investor Awards, 2019). FxPro Direct maintains the highest levels of personal data encryption, which increases protection of all transactions.

At the core of the app lies the ‘FxPro Wallet’, which keeps the clients’ capital from participating in the trading process and safe from market risks. Funds can be transferred in the “Top-up” section of the app, via a Bank Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, NganLuong or Bank Cards. All payment methods have 0% commission. Funds are credited instantly and 24 hours a day (subject to KYC and AML procedures).

Visit Google Play or App Store to download FxPro Direct for free and try it yourself.

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